My name is Josh Pyorre. I’m a security researcher documenting and sharing my methods for automating threat hunting and working through various security procedures.

I currently work with Cisco Talos, coming from the Cisco Umbrella Security Research Team (which was previously OpenDNS).

I have worked at ZScaler as the principal product manager for Advanced Threat Protection, a threat analyst at NASA, working as part of the team that built the NASA Security Operations Center at Ames Research Center and I’ve worked with Mandiant driving MIR and IDS while helping to build their customer SOC.

Prior to that, I was the technical director for a non-profit providing assistance to the houseless in San Francisco.

My professional interests involve network, computer and data security with a goal of maintaining and improving the security of as many systems and networks as possible. I love to present and teach at conferences around the world and am available to assist with a variety of technical and security issues.

Check out my presentations, resume and more here